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Last Update 5thJanuary 2014
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The challenge of converting VHS tapes to DVD format was sorted out some time ago. OK let's be brutal it was actually 2009 when I got round to documenting some of the stuff for the web. Then I set out to see about getting the video up onto the web - or even samples. Days past, months flew by and became years and still the basic fact of the matter was that video files are

So I'm putting the list up here for all to see. The quality of the material is variable and one "tape" even has a short break where someone started recording a golf match over the tape! But it is a record of the team before phones could take hours of video and have it on You Tube before the sun had set on the day. Yes this stuff goes back to the days when video cameras required strong arms to lift them and provided a just few precious minutes of material on tape before either the tape ran out or the battery went flat. Several of the tapes were the work of a chap, Tony if I recall, who was wheel-chair bound and made it a mision to record and then edit as much Morris dancing as he could. If anyone out there knows who he was and can supply more information then I'll give him the credit he deserves for his splendid work.
I will continue to look for ways to provide samples of the archive on the web, short of spending a kings ransom on disc space. Yes I know that in the equal opportunites world that should be a "ruling monarch's ransom" but I should worry. What do you mean "Is that apostrophe right?". Look we're getting bogged down here - let's press on. If you feel that a copy of a DVD would be of interest you then contact me and we can discuss ways and means. Former team members can be assured of mates rates.