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The Best of North West from West Yorkshire
The First Thirty Years 1980-2011
And the continuing story

NEXT APPEARANCE: 3rdof September at the Big Morris event in Lincoln.

HEADLINES Last Update 7thJuly 2022
Ossett Beercart Festival 2023 news - follow the BEERCART link.

After a break of some years I have been asked to provide updates for the current team hence the appearance of the "Beercart" link. I've also added a bit for "Traditions" which is essentially the Boxing day and Horbury Street Fayre events. Meanwhile progess on the 3 items covering my rambling thoughts on the 80's 90's and Noughties moves at glacial speed as I do household stuff.
Seen the Youtube videos yet? Links to key dances now in place via the repertoire pages.

This site was primarily a repository for the history of Wakefield Morris over the first thirty years of existence i.e. when the editor was an active dancer and when the website came into existence. The diary and contacts will still be updated but day to day matters and developing repertoire will no longer be covered. But fear not, from the dusty back room video tapes (younger readers ask your parents) have been recovered and converted to modern DVD format. Details of the "tapes" are now on the "Galleries" page and details of how copies may be obtained. As of 2019 this content is now available in MP4 format. As of November 2016 I have finally completed the sometimes salacious potted biographies that form the "Roll of Honour" of all those who danced with the team in the first 30 years. Still some blanks to fill and always open to updates, the editor is always happy to hear from members or acquaintances.

For more information on the Morris dancers world, to find a team near you or to simply explore the delights of the tradition why not try the Morris Federation web page.

E-MAIL CONTACT: for General Information or use this one for Booking Enquiries
Wakefield Morris a now defunct site - As at 2022 the web site lacks an editor/update person I gather so it's back to the original and in some minds the best..
For the current teams Facebook page. - Very trendy and handy if you still do Facebook.
Rhubarb Tarts - The Rhubarb Tarts where many of the team could once be found. As of October 2021 the Tarts went out in a blaze of glory at Holmfirth Festival of Folk.
The Morris Federation to find a local side to you or information on dance.
Trefor Owen Clogs web site
Bacup Coconut Dancers - The place to be on the Saturday before Easter.
Townley Plays - See line 453 for the "Shrogys" reference.
Mystery plays and players..