Wakefield Morris Diary 2022

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Bit of an hiatus in the years 2019-2021, some down to Covid and some dowm to uproar in the smooth running of the team. But with a fair wind and an optomistic outlook we're back firing on all cylinders. The Beercart Festival is back and so are some other festivals, so lets see which teams have survived to carry the spirit and tradition of the dance forward.

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****** JANUARY ******

****** FEBRUARY ******
26th Rhubarb Festival - A short burst 12:00 - 01:30 near Wakefield Cathedral.

****** MARCH ******

****** APRIL ******
3rd From noon till 4 pm dancing in Huddersfield Town Centre with the White Rose Morris Men.
24th At Morley Cricket Club to celebrate St Georges Day. OK we know it should be the 23rd but some of us have jobs and school stuff.

****** MAY ******
7th Holmfirth Folk Festival.

****** JUNE ******
3rd - 5th Ossett Beercart Festival. Yes it;s back and could it be bigger? Why not turn up and find out!
Just browsing the Witchmen web site and noticed that Terry and the chaps have an intention to attend. More on the guest list to follow.
Sunday 5th June We'll be dancing from 11 am - 1 pm at Cannon Hall as the final part of the Beercart weekend

****** JULY ******
24th Folk Day at The George Upper Denby, raising funds for Motor Neurone Disease.

****** AUGUST ******

****** SEPTEMBER ******
3rd Lincoln Big Morris event. OK no quips about "Which one's morris?" and "I thought he'd be bigger".

****** OCTOBER ******

****** NOVEMBER ******

****** DECEMBER ******
26th Boxing Day at the Kings Arms, Heath Common. 12.30 pm. The one event I can predict come hell, high water, brexit, covid or even act of God. OK 2020 was a no-show but who saw Covid coming?

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