Wakefield Morris Diary 2016

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****** JANUARY ******
****** FEBRUARY ******
****** MARCH ******
26th 12.00 Horbury Walking Tour starting at Kings Arms.

****** APRIL ******
3rd Wakefield 10K Though not a dance event three members of the team actually did the run in morris kit! So congratulations to Sarah, Simon and Amelia who did the run, even pausing to perform "Celebration" at the half way point with Ian and Ann providing the music. Double the dancers for 2017 and "St. Peters" becomes possible.
30th 09.00 Ossett Market-Stall and Dance Display. 09:00!!!! are you kidding?

****** MAY ******
20th 22nd Shepley Folk Festival. To be pedantic it's the Shepley Spring Festival which rose from the split within the Holmfirth Festival organisation some years ago. Apparently unlike many things in folkdom this is actually better than the old one!

****** JUNE ******
3rd-5th The Ossett Beercart will be running for the third year, which now definitely looks like a tradition! Interested in attending and not yet invited why not contact the bookings secretary.
13th 8pm The Olde Sun Inn Colton Pub-Out with Ripon City Morris
18th Horbury Street Fayre which should go smoothly this year as the council have resurfaced Queen Street. See what I did there? Anyway will the Cherry Tree have finally completed it's refurbisment, will the weather be kind? Why not turn out and find out?
20th 8pm White Horse Emley Pub-Out with White Rose and possibly Hexadaisy.
27th 8pm The Blacksmith's Arms Kirkheaton-Pub-Out with Slubbing Billys.

****** JULY ******
5th 8pm The George at Upper Denby-Pub-Out with Pecsaetan.
9th Ossett Gala Ossett Market Place and Town Hall.
11th 8pm Spencer's Arms Cawthorne Pub-Out with Sheffield Morris Men
16th Was a weekend which now appears to be a day at Saddleworth Folk Festival. Wonder if the discussions over red or white rose have ever been really resolved?
18th 8pm Bridge Inn Thurgoland-Pub-Out with Boggarts Breakfast.
28th 8pm The Kings Arms Heath, Pub-Out with Leeds Morris.
30th Hopton Village Fete for two displays of 30 minutes a piece. Let's hope that a) they know it's clogs and b) if no hard surface to foot that any boards supplied are up to the job.

****** AUGUST ******
1st 8pm West Riding Licensed Refreshment Rooms Dewsbury Stationn with Hexadaisy
20th-23rd Whitby Folk Week. So that's three days on the coast at what must be the longest lived one week festival in the UK. OK there is still Sidmouth but the current Sidmouth is a shadow of the old whilst Whitby has survived a management transition and still marches on from stength to strength.

****** SEPTEMBER ******
12th 8pm A Taster Evening for those who want to try traditional dance. The venue is Cluntergate Hall, formerly the Community Centre, on Cluntergate in Horbury.
24th Morris Federation AGM and Day of Dance. Nottingham hosted by Mortimers Morris.
****** OCTOBER ******
14th 7.30pm Ossett Trefoil Guild girl guides demo/workshop
29th Cluntergate Centre for an evening Ceilidh and a Dance Spot.
****** NOVEMBER ******
7th 8pm Another "Taster Evening" at Cluntergate Hall. Come on, it's dark outside who will see you? It might just be that you find traditional dance a fun social thing that brings joy to your heart and adds a spring to your step. It won't kill you - unless you have an undisclosed heart problem in which case competitive Scrabble is a possible alternative.
26th Wakefield for a walking tour. Odd way to spend an autumnal day but "chacun a son gout" as they say in Barnsley.
****** DECEMBER ******
18th With White Rose Morris for a pre-Christmas Day of Dance in the Huddersfield area.

26th Boxing Day at the Kings Arms, Heath Common. 12.30 pm

* Evening dance out means about 8.00pm or thereabouts (ish). If the musicians want to have a session this is the time to get it together.

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