Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Life?

A simple questionnaire to while away an idle moment or two that might change your life.

1. At a party you hear music with a strong dance rhythm. Do you:

2. The party is fancy dress. Have you:

3. Your circle of friends could be best described as:

4. Your local Amateur Drama group is looking for new members. Do you:

5. Your favourite band/singer is in concert at a festival event. It means being away for a weekend. Do you:

6. Tradition is something which:

7. A friend rings up to ask you to make up the numbers in a team for a charity "Itís A Knockout" competition. Do you:

8. Your exercise regime is best described as:

9. Your idea of a good dayís fun is:

10. On a night out at the pub do you:

11. Do you find young people:

12. Do you find older people:



Mostly Aís

You are extrovert and sociable to the point of being painful. If you are not already in a Morris team you should be. If you are in a team think about a transfer to Wakefield Morris. If you are not in a team contact Wakefield Morris.

Mostly Bís

You are basically a happy soul but could probably use a bit more fun in your life. Why not take up a hobby that gives you fun and makes you part of a team? Contact Wakefield Morris.

Mostly Cís

You need to get out more. At the moment you are probably happiest with your computer. How did you get hold of this questionnaire? If you ever decide that life is more about living than existing contact Wakefield Morris for hints and tips on how to do this.

Wakefield Morris Dancers can be found at:

The Cluntergate Centre Horbury on Monday practise nights from 8.00 p.m September to May. (Check the diary for summer dance outs).

The web at http://www.wakefieldmorris.com

Chat to the dance master on 01924 278750

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