Thundering Clogs Clattering clogs Where's Wally Rain again Ring-O-Belles
Upton FF
When you get a good surface yuou can really get the clogs sounding out.
Note the sunglasses and the fact that clogs works just as well on paved areas! Holmfirth
Sarah and Niall win the "Where's Wally competion.
Steve wonders why the weather is just so variable. The Ring-O-Belles ride again looking really happy - maybe it's the absence of the chaps.
Slippery work This is better The age range widens The age range widens Self captioning picture?
Wallingford Bunkfest 30 Aug - 1st Sept
Pete Stevens knows no fear on a surface best described as "deadly".
Now this sort of surface is just sooooo much better! Hmm too young to dance in the side why not play an instrument. And by reverse logic of course........ Steve offers a few no doubt reassuring words of advice to Sarah. John O'Gaunts 28 September
The Ollerton take over bid moving in from the right causes Chris Taylor to seek shelter behind Phil and Pam.
The age range widens Self captioning picture? The age range widens Self captioning picture? The age range widens
Boxing Day photos from Lynne Naylor
The massed band with Chris's new hearing aid prominent.
The man who put the "avant garde" into trombone playing. A fine perspective shot of two straight lines, still got it then folks! Ruth wonders whether Chris Taylor would notice if his rather unique (can something be rather unique?) tankard would burn. Sarah looks happy - is it because Simon has finally been persuaded to dance in public?
Self captioning picture?
Mick Doonan gives up an afternoon by the fire with the footie on to play out for Mo and the team- that's love that is.

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