Warwick 2008 and we're down on Smith Street at the Roebuck. All photos by Mark Napier of Yorkshire Air Museum.

Here we come boys OXO made easy Traffic control Step it out Knees Up
The women launch a sideways attack on the men during Carr Lodge Polka. Now that's what we call a really tight star. Ever wondered what the bloke at the front does? Traffic control! Babs shows just how a proper polka should look. The rest of the girls follow her example and the chaps do what they can. Off we go for the Stocksmoor Jig. Why is Sue looking so worried?
The crowd I'll join in later Saving rubber Hold me up I'll be back in a minute
Sarah and Heather contain their excitement. It's all hand on deck for Horbury Polka - Doug's thinking about joining in. It's hitting the ground that wears out the rubbers, but Malcom has a cunning plan. That was warm work but any port in a storm. The team get friendly even if the men are perspiring and women glowing. Malcom realises that the pub is actually behind him.
Hold on Pete I'll come over Another side of the man
Ruth and Pete exchange cocktail recipes mid dance. Pete's favorite is the "Screaming Orgasm" - apparently. Some say that photos of the team show Doug's best side. This is the other side.
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