Airbourne Morris Leicester Sqaure - what a team The girls go paddling. What a line.. What lines..
That's the way to do it folks. Failsworth at full throttle. And yes that's Trefor back there. EFDSS invited us to London, so we all went down. What a grand weekend. Barbara and Gerry cool their tootsies after a dance at Robin Hoods bay. Remember when we all got airborne?
Remember when Doug had hair?
Lotherton Hall and we're still happy bunnies.
Let's make a run for it. Mo posing.. A musician thinking.. The women show off.. On our Hols Broadstairs 2003
Ken and June head the team off towards a cuppa and cream bun at Lotherton. Mo shows how it should be done. Chris wonders if he's playing the right tune. The ladies show the chaps what a line should look like at the Greyhound Saxton. Trust me the sixth woman (off camera) will be in that perfect line. Broadstairs 2003 Trying to find a cooling breeze.
Broadstairs 2003 gosh it were hot The first ever performance of West Bretton Spot the odd man out Making an exit Failsworth after all this time
Broadstairs 2003. We surrender, just turn the sun off. Thanks to Tony Urwin of Bishop Gundulfs for the snaps. Boxing Day 2003 and West Bretton gets it's premiere performance with the author of the dance directing operations from the centre. Oyster Weekend 2004 and we get our old dance master back - even hairier than when he left! Lots more pictures at this link to Whitstable Oyster Weekend 2004. Exit one happy team. Just where are those bubbles coming from? Oyster Weekend 2004 Lined up and ready to give Failsworth an airing after too many years left dormant.
It's the pigtail that does it.
Ken Martin was a talented artist and one of his drawings was of the team. When Robin Bennison died Ken's widow Aileen gave Robins son Simon aka "Bennie" this sketch. As Bennie says you can tell it's my dad that pigtail gives it straight away.
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