It's now over 30 years since Wakefield Morris first set out to inform, educate and entertain the world on the delights of North West Processional Morris. In that time thousands of photographs have been captured of the team in action. In the early years it was all roll film and a trip to the nearest Boots to get the film developed (other proprietary firms were available). Then came the digital film revolution and now photographs could be loaded to the computer of you choice and manipulated in many imaginative ways. See the home page for a superb image of Ken Martin in full bloodied action with added "oomph". With the mobile phone came the facilities of a high spec video camera and now there are probably millions of photos out there! Similar story with video. Back in the midst of time a cine camera was needed to record the dance. Wakefield never to my knowledge had any 8mm or 35mm film recordings but we did get a selection of VCR tapes passed on over the course of several seasons by an enthusiast who's hobby was filming the Morris. EDitted versions of his efforts are the basis of most of the video archive of the early years. At one time Trefor would stop the dance if he spoted a video camera in the crowd when we performed the Failsworth polka. Having taken years to collect and develop the dance Trefor was fiercely protective of it. Nowadays with seemingly the whole crowd in possession of a mobile phone video is possibly the norm. Indeed one November Monday evening a few years ago now the team had been trying out a fire brand version of a dance in the car park at the Cluntergate centre. By the time they got to the Cricketers for a post practice pint the video of the dance was up on the internet!

  • Team photos. - Over the years team photos went from formal to "Quick there's a camera!"
  • Back in the 80's. - Atmospheric for many the early stuff
  • Warwick 2008 - Our favourite Folk Festival if only because we kept getting invited.
  • Foreign Adventures -Yes we travelled.
  • Holmfirth Folk Festival - Last of the Summer Wine territory
  • The next generation - Still smiling
  • The Beer Cart . -A new adventure